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regarding empathy.

hello, everyone!

since around march or april, i've been having some very heavy experiences. i feel like my whole consciousness has been completely shifted. i'm experiencing life on a whole different level.

to give you a little background: psychic abilities of all forms have run on my paternal grandmother's side for ages. my great-grandmother was almost entirely deaf towards the end of her life, yet she could hold conversations perfectly. she knew what people were saying on the other side of the room. my grandmother was able to do automatic-writing. my father, well.. he is a very enlightened person generally, but has had some wild experiences that few would ever have. he is very gifted. i've always envied him.

anyway, i have been pumped with psych meds since i was a tween. i'm 23 now. i am coming out of my zombie state, now that i am finally seeing what the chemicals have been doing to me. in fact, i believe they were making me crazy, instead of me being crazy to begin with. i have always been different i guess.

basically, i'm being flooded with other people's grief and mourning that it's almost as if i'm the one who has experienced the loss personally. the first time was a weird situation and i'm not comfortable going into detail about it, because i'm still being affected by it and it's just really really weird anyway. but i wanted to just say that it has opened up other cans of worms, so to speak, of me feeling the sadness and horrible feelings other people are having, but not all the time. it is happening sporadically. i'm not that 'developed', if it's anything that will actually develop at all.

i'm going to have to wrap this up now, i'm sorry! but i suppose i wanted to read what your opinions are. do you think i may be an empath? or something else? or just crazy? (anyone? anyone? bueller?)

i'm researching it but i'd like to hear from people who have been there.

thanks so much in advance.
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