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A cut of my experiences....WHAT IS GOING ON?!

First post on my personal LJ on this topic:


Anyone ever suspect they've had it?

From this line on, I may sound like a lunatic to the lot of you


When I was seven years old I dreamt the exact opeing sequence of the Secret of Mana video game. Two years later it was released.

I first started seeing ghosts when I was 4 or 5, I don't remember. I would usually be alone in a room, see a shadow, and then something would fall off a shelf, or topple over near me. The last ghost I was was my late Aunt Audrey when I was eight. I was at my grandma's house sleeping in the extra room (the bed Audrey died in) and I saw her sitting at the foot of the bed telling me to go back to sleep. I didn't know who she was since she died before I was born. I woke up and saw the ghost's face on the wall in a framed portrait. I asked my grandma who the lady in the portrait was. She said "That's your great Aunt Audrey, she passed away in that room a few years before you were born." That's when I knew the shadows were ghosts. Before then I just thought that sort of thing happened to everyone... I asked around back in Wisconsin about shadows and soon enough I had fewer friends.

When I was 13 I dreamed of a boy swimming in some ruins and I knew he would be my first boyfriend; I remembered his face. That face was Brenton Potts at age 16; my first boyfriend.

Back in october I watched a joke video on the onion about abused wives. that was the night Ken hurt me.

There are little ones in between that happened but they weren't so significant. The problem is....I never know I foresaw it until after it happened. :/

Anyone interested in this baloney?

Second post:

So I was walking from the south side of shinjuku today....walking alone towards the seibu station, thinkin about my blurb about esp the other day. Can it be controlled? It is random? Then I had a funny feeling. I looked to my right and IGUSA-SAN (drummer from my ex,band, Oeil) walks out of an AMPM and we're like "OMG HAY!!!1 HISASHIBURI!!!! :DDDDDD"

...dude. WEIRD.

Third post:

I was at a part held by the royal dead members today and I used the bathroom. The toilet room was PLASTERED in all sorts of fliers and such and the images were overwhelming, started to feel sick so I closed my eyes. I ran my hand over various fliers and stopped on one and thought I'd try a little experiment based on what's been happening lately. Eyes closed, I randomly ran my hand over the fliers until I felt one that was just....right. I cleared my mind, and in my mind a woman was being sketched in thin lines, then erased and the word "spindly" came to mind. I opened my eyes and the picture on the flier had a woman's lips biting a piece of THREAD.

Anyone having similar experiences? Anyone know anything about this?

I also cite post:
as some of the traits are similar.
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