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4 Days Remaining - Please Complete These Important Research Surveys

If you work with energy, practice psionics, reiki, magick, are empathic or sensitive to subtle energies, identify with psychic or sanguinarian vampirism, therianthropy, otherkin, or generally consider yourself to be awakened or aware on multiple levels then you should seriously take the time to complete these important research studies (don't let the name of the study alter your perception - they are applicable to those listed above, especially when both are completed)!

This is the last reminder we will be sending out to remind you to complete the VEWRS & AVEWRS research surveys ahead of our Oct. 31st deadlineIn 4 days time we will no longer be accepting survey submissions - your responses are more valuable than you may realize!  Therefore, please sit down in the next couple days and complete at least the VEWRS survey and/or encourage others you know to do the same.  If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at:

* The main research web site (Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC) has recently been updated and includes the updated FAQ, presentation schedule (next lecture in Los Angeles, CA on Oct. 30th), and the latest media articles/interviews.

Primary Survey Download Site (VEWRS & AVEWRS):
E-Mail Completed Submissions To:

Thank you so much for your participation and have a frightful Halloween / blessed Samhain!
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